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There are various fields of knowledge in the world. From social studies to natural sciences, the range is quite diverse. All these disciplines may seem quite tough and complicated apart from being lengthy as well. However, there is another vast …

The Benefits Of Being A Muslim

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In this Post of Islamic blog i would would be writing about the benefits of being a Muslim. Each religion has its benefits. For that reason, Islam has its own benefits. If a person is a Muslim, it is highly …

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Importance of fundamental of islam

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Are we really following the basic of Islam? How many Muslims who would know about the fundamental of Islam? It’s a hard question that everyone should ask them self. Most of people would answer there are 5 pillars of Islam …

Is it really word of God Learn Quran

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In case that somebody says or accuse that Quran is absolutely not the word of Allah all mighty then common sense, understanding, wisdom, logic and even the common laws of any court of the world orders that who has accused …