My Name is islam

An inspiring video My Name is Islam poem way of explaining Qur’an and Islam that what Islam is and what people think about Islam a good contribution by sister to general public to understand about Islam the name is My Name is islam and these little contribution will help us all Muslim explain that who we really are. we run an online institute for to help Teaching Quran to Young Children and elders we also guide them the teaching of Islam with the help of our live tutor in easy manner. You can always register or call us on 001 201 7938268 for 1 week free trial see more videos and things about and it would be a lot of help if our Muslim brother and sisters share or like this page My Name is Islam to spread and contribute in spreading the word of truth and helping us in making our program totally free

my name is islam ask me questions-on-it

my name is islam ask-me-questions-on-it

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