Develop Your Family Ties with the Quran

This question how to enhance your family ties with Quran? Now days we work hard to achieve the goal of success in our life and forgetting that what we want? But do we do what He (Allah subhan u tallah) wants us to do? what really we are here to achieve for the life after? So now let us discuss how we can come near to the teaching of Quran and develop our family ties with our holy prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It can only be done by Integrating Quran in to our daily life and the life of our family to improve our family ties. Some of the points that I would like to mentioned are

1) Making it a family event like a coolest part of your daily routine – not a chore.

2) Make it exciting and enjoyable for you and your family to reading the Holy Scriptures by going with the translation and stories from the book.

3) Giving incentives to your children to help them building confidence and motivate them to explore Islam and its teachings

4) Try to spend time in Namaz by reciting long suras and feeling the spirit of that with translation, do a little jamat with your family.

5) Prepare your kids to read Namaz in your local mosque get some guidance

6) Enrolling your kids in Islamic studies, Quranic classes, it also help them in acquiring the knowledge needed for success in their lifes.

learn quran to Develop Your Family Ties with the Quran

learn quran to Develop Your Family Ties with the Quran



Memorizing and implementing the Quran to improve family ties.

Reading the scriptures that are not familiar to us improves our ability and intelligence because we push our mind and challenge it to its abilities in acquiring that knowledge. It also becomes an enjoyable and spiritual activity to do a family gathering and testing each other’s memorization skills and giving the price to the one who remembers the best. One who has command in translation can also provide a good resource for his family to understand different suras and telling them the importance of it and how to implement it in to their daily life because the holy Quran was not only meant to read but to be lived and acted upon like holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) did. His life was like example of living the true way of Quran.

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