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A Muslim’s every day life is surrounded by the remembrance of our Lord. Each morning is started off by taking Almighty Allah’s name and asking Him to lead our day towards betterment and progress. We are the inhabitants of an Islamic society where every positive act begins with the teaching of Holy Quran. Whether you are attending an assembly at school, participating in a social event, attending a lecture or sermon or simply getting out of bed, the first thing you do is recite a few words of ‘Dhikr’ (remembrance).

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What are these words? They are a part of the Holy Scripture, Al-koran. When you are reading quran you will find it so extraordinary and illuminating that its words leave the reciter and listener completely spellbound. Their captivating force is so strong that the Holy Qur’an Memorization is deemed the most widely read and entirely memorized book in the whole world. As Muslim we all should practice and do hifz according the rules of Tajweed Every Muslim desires to read and understand the Koran and also imprint the words to memory. This is a sign of love, passion and faith that is necessary for the success of becoming a true believer of Allah and His Divine Will. Even though the language used in this Magnificent Book is beautifully scripted and has a certain complexity to it, even then it is easy to learn and memorize. Once you start with a verse you become indulged in the passion to continue and keep up the recitation. The more you recite, the more swift and fluent you become in Studying Quran .

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Quran Memorization is not a new or recent thought. It has been prevalent within the Muslim community for hundreds of years. For this very reason, the Glorious Qur’an is still in its original and complete form with no alterations or transitions. From the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Muslims all over the globe have been reciting and memorizing the verses of the Koran with utmost beauty and perfection. Even though many people were not so literate in the old days, they still found ways to preserve the Scripture in its pure form.

We are here to help you in Quran learning online. With our professional services you will find Quran memorization to be an easy and simple task. All that you need to give is some of your time and you will be a Hafiz-e-Qur’an faster than you could even think.

Practice makes perfect and it requires a lot of patience and guidance to practice regularly so that you may reach the desired level of excellence. For a Muslim what could be better than putting the complete Holy Koran to memory? So if you are looking forward to memorizing the Qur’an within sufficient time, join our program and be enlightened with each day that you take Quran memorization classes with us.

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