Islamic tajweed Quran learn the rules of tajweed from experience teachers

How Can You Learn Tajweed

learn Tajweed because it itself is a meaning with in a meaning it is also known as the science of reading the Quran with proper pronunciation and to learn or read it, We as student need a good qualified teacher.

There are many rules that you can study by your self independently, but to know the correct and right articulation of Arabic Quran there are many things combine together to be done 1st to listen 2nd reciting the Quran to a well qualified tutor so they can correct and guide you in the easy and best way. you can start reading the basic Arabic letters here.

Do all the Arabs know the way to recite Qur’an with tajweed rule?

Many people think that all the Arabs know that way of recitation but Unfortunately all or the Arabs don’t know about the proper tajweed. In the days of holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the need to study tajweed was not must because they use to talk in the manner what is now known as tajweed; we can say in the other words that  it was natural to them. But Now, over 14 hundred years later, the colloquial of Arabic has changed rapidly from the original classical Arabic in which the Holy Qur’an was revealed. So the Arabs also have to study the science to learn tajweed as the non-Arabs have to.

Do you want to learn tajweed Quran

How Can You Learn Tajweed rules from experience teachers

How Can You Learn Tajweed rules from experience teachers

Again I would say, the first and the most important step is to find a qualified Qur’an teachers from whom you can study, starting from the most important of all learning the pronunciation of the 29 Arabic letters and knowing where they are pronounced from and their articulation points, a tutor who can rectify your mistakes, and guide you in fixing them the easy way. You also need to study about the vowels as well.
What if there are no Qualified instructors where I live?

Thinking about the days when we were living in a region where the hard part was to find a Qur’an coach in our surrounding to organize Qu’ran classes? Technology has for certain changed the life style and the way of living for common people. We had never thought of taking a koran Course from a private instructor live through internet and building and relating the family ties with koran to learn Islam. Well now it is possible we have made it entirely possible for everybody to take these Online Quran Classes from any part of the world through internet. Students  get uttermost through this excellent ways of teaching. Ease of excess makes it more time efficient and beneficial for  the students. Why don’t you try it for yourself by taking free trial with no obligation?

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