The Principles of Tajweed

Whoever wishes to gain the knowledge of the scientific rules and principle of tajweed should know its principles to get an insight of the sought science. There are many principles in learning the scientific rules of tajweed that must be understood:

1st let us know the definition

By the definition of linguistic: Betterment or Improvement.
definition Applied: Perfecting the 29 Arabic letters and giving them its proper characteristics, pronounce them with their true articulation point. Its a key Principles of Tajweed.

2nd what they form.

They form the words of holy Qur’an and also many some say the Sahi Hadiths.

Principles of Tajweed , live arabic quran teachers quran-memorization

Principles of Tajweed , live arabic quran teachers quran-memorization

To restrict our tongue in making mistakes in pronunciation during reading the Holy Qur’an.

4th who is the founder.

If we see it more practically that who was the founder it was no other then the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) because Allah subhan u tallah guided him through the Angel Jibreel, and then the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), use to recite back to him and when Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) thought the holy scriptures to his companions he used to listen back from them to rectify if there were any mistakes. Who then taught it to their followers the chains of teaching came along.

Importance of Principles of Tajweed.

5th Is it must for Muslim.

The tajweed knowledge is known fardh kifayaah, in other meaning we can say that some of Muslim living in a area must know it, and applying its application is must fardh ‘ain, and is required for all the Muslims women and Men who have memorized complete koran or even one surah.

6th Reasons for its rules and principles of tajweed.

When the companions Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) were sent to different part of world to preach Islam and their followers did the same after a long time when there were more non Arabs converting to Islam. Arabs, no Arabs mirage the Muslim felt strongly that the original classical Arabic will be corrupted. Then teaching tajweed and its identification through signs was felt strongly so the rules were must to be compiled and put down to preserve recitation of Quran could be guarantee to their reader.

7th Now the tajweed principles.

The tajweed knowledge can be divided in four parts:

1. Learning the letters proper articulation points.
2. Knowing the proper characteristics of a letters.
3. Knowing that what rules can change due to the letters or signs order.
4. Doing a lot of repetition in Exercising your tongue.

8th finding a teacher who can correct you and teach you the proper way.

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