Learn Namaz benefits

learn namaz and there benefits. An act that is obligatory for every Muslim man or women and the most important key factor of our life (Salat). The holy scriptures also emphasize 500 times the importance of the Salah.

Allah subah-u-tallah says in Qur’an in Surah-e-Luqman “29.46” “Surely Prayer restrains one from indecency”.

Some of the physical and Spiritual benefits of Salah I wanted to share with you:

Salahs (Namaz) Spiritual benefits

Do sajda to one an only Allah subhan -u- tallah , learn namaz1) To be and feel joy in the presence of Allah all mighty

2) Forgetting fear when in prayers knowing that you are in the Comfort of Allah all mighty

3) Purifying our sole from our sins

4) Being protected from Satan (devil) when performing the prayers

5) Routine & daily maintenance of faith and

6) Building a great relationship with Allah all mighty, the Creator.

Some of the worldly benefits of Salah (learn Namaz)

1) It teaches us equality between each other while offering prayers no matter if a person is poor or rich, black or White, low or high they stand shoulder to shoulder with each other.

2) It also teaches us the way of unity when Muslim offer prayers they all have the same Nea they all do Sajdah together and kneel together before the one and only Allah all mighty.

3) When Muslim offer salah in Jama’ah they get to know each other, Mutual love and brotherhood develops.

We as Muslims should have no doubt in our hearts and mind about Namaz and its regular need should be established. It is important for us as parents or a community member, to offer prayers regularly for our further generation to follow. Through it we can establish the importance of regular prayers in our children’s heart. If you want to learn Quran or learn namaz (salah) or even if you want to know the way to read Quran with Tajweed also you can register for free trials and please share this to as many people as you could to spread the word of Islam and guidance of Allah all mighty

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