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The name quranforkids explains a lot we established online Quran institute with a goal that we could teach our kids teaching of Islam and make it easy for them to understand and not only children but the elders also and thank to Allah All Mighty from past 6 years we have perfected our services to be the best koran tutoring institute for converted Muslims, kids and elders to learn tajweed rules. All the courses are designed in such a way that non-Arabic speakers also find it easy to learn. With the help of our technical staff we have equipped our tutors with the latest virtual software and equipment. With the knowledge of our top reciters along with the team of Muftis, Alams and hafiz we hand picked and have established the team of best teaching staff. With special training to enhance tutors capability in guiding the students and handling any age of student from little children to elderly grownups. our mission is one and only to speared the teachings of Quran to as many people as we could. learn more about quran institute.

About Quran institute Tajweed Quran Classes effort

reading quran online live about quran institute

About quran institute

Calling upon the old days when Muslim were living in  society or neighborhood where we had a hard time finding quran teacher closer to our homes for Quran classes? Technology have certainly improved and changed the way of living and learning through internet is one of them. We as parents never thought that our kids would be taking a Quran Course from a teacher living abrade while sitting in front of us . Online Quran Classes have made it easy and totally possible for anyone to take these online lessons from any part of the world through internet. Mother and father get the level best for their children through this particular ways of teaching. Want to know more about it? Try it free for your own self and take free trial lesson

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