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Importance of fundamental of islam

Are we really following the basic of Islam? How many Muslims who would know about the fundamental of Islam? It’s a hard question that everyone should ask them self. Most of people would answer there are 5 pillars of Islam yes it is but they both are not the same first comes the Islamic faith to be in Islam you need to know its fundamental of Islamic faith and believe in them and then comes the pillars of Islam that you have to follow in your life. I asked one of my students the same question and he replied 5 I asked the names and he was stuck on just 3 and I was struck and I started asking the question on difference in the Islamic faith and the pillars of Islam to every other student friend family members and was not a good result just 60% told the right answer and 40% were on the other end. So me as an online Quran teacher I thought on writing on the importance of learning the basic of Islam and Quran. Not just this I would like you to explore why Islamic faith is known and fundamental of Islam and importance of the pillars of Islam as well but that will be in my next topic. It’s a long topic to write on but I would try to be as brief as I could be easy for all of you to understand the fundamental of Islam.

iman mufassal fundamental of islam

iman mufassal fundamental of islam.

First about the fundamental of Islam faith.

register to learn quran online(1) Aamantu Bil-Laahi, it means in believing on one Allah that he is one and only he has no partner and He has no Son nor He is Son of any. He is the creator and there is nothing like him

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(2) Malaaa-ika, it means Angels we as Muslim believe in angels they are Norani (luminous ,ethereal) they are not Female or Male and are obedient and innocent servant of Allah subhan -u- tallah obey his commandments and worship him.

(3) Kutubehee, it means the Books that were revealed to some Messengers of Allah subhan -u- tallah it’s our firm believe that they are the word of Allah. But many book have been changed by men so Allah took the responsibility of the last commandment holy Qur’an safety. over here I would like to mentioned that think that how he could protect that’s why he has made it easy for us to Memorize Quran. Through it will pass on to generation to generation and if somebody try’s to manipulate or even some Evil would like to destroy or Burn Qur’an it would be no good for them and only the fire in hell will become more hot to them so here I also would like to mentioned it’s our duty as a Muslim to read Quran and memorize and make it a piece of our sole. You can register with Quran for kids live teachers to have one on one classes of hifz. Now coming back to the topic we will discuss the fourth step the Nabowat (Prophet Hood).

(4) Wa Rusulihee, Nabowat, it means Prophet Hood we as Muslim believe in believing in Prophet’s they are the messengers of Allah subhan-u-tallah and are sent by him to guide the people to the right path, they are innocent and without any sins.

(5) Yaumil Aakheri, it means the Day of Judgment. We as a Muslim have firm believe in the days of judgment.

(6) (wal-Qadri Khaierehee) that every Good, and then (wa Sharrehee) every bad (Minal Laahi Ta’aalaa) has been predestined by Allah it means that everything good or bad in our fate is by Allah and by no one else.

(7) (wal-Ba’si Ba’dal Maut) it comes at last and is about this that the dead ones will be resurrected. So my brother and sisters prepare for that day because there will be punish and reword for every person according to his or her deeds.

In the next article of learning about Quran with the fundamental of islam. I would be elaborating about the pillars of Islam so could be a way of guidance to our Muslim brother and sister if you like this article please share from link below.

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