learning quran tajweed arabic-letter-articulation

Quran learning Online For Children

Importance of Quran learning is the most important thing than anything else, for it being the last and true message of Allah subhan-u-tallah it is must for us to read Quran and follow its teachings to achieve the success in our life and the life after. Few years back it was really hard to find a good teaching staff nearby due to the lack of mosque and Islamic centres in Europe, US, Canada etc. So we came up with a solution that can enhance the learning capability of the kids and the students who want to gain the knowledge of Islam.

Quran learning tajweed arabic-letter-articulation

Quran learning tajweed arabic-letter-articulation

Way adopt Online Quran learning methods

Why adopt online teaching methods because these sessions are live and one on one classes like one tutor for one kid and a big benefit of their sessions is that the kids are in front of your eyes so you can see the progress and encourage them to gain the true knowledge and enhance the family ties with Koran and the kids or the elders have any question they can easily ask the tutor and they are ever ready to answers their quires. With interactive tools we make it easier to learn Tajweed lesson and understand the basics. Alhamudullah from past 5 years many students have been learning Quran from us and we have more than 2000 satisfied students all over the world. With our qualified Quran teaching staff we have made it possible for all the Muslims to learn and spread the word of Allah.

The koran courses that you can enroll on

Tajweed ruleIn this course we enhance the student’s knowledge about the principles of Tajweed along with its basics. It let kids practice the correct articulation of Arabic letters and they are thought that from where and how the letters are pronounced. This course carry’s on with Quran learning for beginners. The content carry the lesson from the Noorani Qaida, in it they are thought about the throat letters, the Madda letters, about the Sakoon (Sakin), Shaad , the Tajweed rule of Qulqallah and many more for it you can register for 3days free trial and see for yourself.

Memorization classes

hifz-quran learningThese classes are for the students who want to memorize Quran or for the kids who have already done hifz and want to repeat. In this course we divide the lesson in 3 parts: first part in the Sabk meaning (current lesson) then sabki (the previous 5 to 10 suras) then the Manzil (when one para is completed it changes to Manzil) and Sabk, sabki are done on the daily basis and manzil enhances its further. To enroll in these classes it is must for the kids that they have read the Quran before register here for free trials. call us today 001 2017938268. Please my Muslim brothers and sisters do share the page of Quran learning and like because 1 share is a step towards making this program free. Please Remember us in your prayers.

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