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  • Free 1 week Quran trials with live teacher.
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    Basic Tajweed

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    Quran Tjaweed classes for kids is the top on going course that we are offering. You can enroll for your kids Quran classes to let them study Quran online or take it for your own self . The courses are offered to both kids and elders who want to start from very basic or who want to improve there way to reading the holy scriptures. Newly converted Muslims are always welcome in this course. In it we offer Noorani Tajweed Quran Trials Registration Online FourmQaida lessons. In which students learn the true articulation of Arabic letters which is known as Tajweed.To perfect there pronunciation and recitation along with knowledge of fundamental of Islam , Namaz , about wasu, dwas and much more. we have got the best teaching staff from whom you can learn while sittings at home. Where ever you are, when ever you want we are Available 24/7. With femal and Male tutors at your door step. You can register above totally free for Quran Trials. Call us on 001 201 793 8268 For any assistance regarding these quran trials.

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