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Teaching kids Quran Tajweed in easy way. It’s really important for Muslims to read The holy Quran to acquire a better concept of its content. This is how you can study and exercise the basic concepts of Islam and integrate it to acquire a better way of living. Reading of Quran not only show us way to explore our universe in new way it teaches us about the different creation of Allah subhan u Tallah, many astonishing facts about us as humans too, the role of human in the environment and its balance, human nature and its relations, economical and financial concepts, and lot more that you can imagine of.

Simply speaking, when you read the Qur’an you must free your brain and souls from worldly thoughts to get deeper understanding of it for your self of while teaching kids Quran as well. Do not think that It’s just a simple book of worship; these scriptures are the wisdom of life and will change all of our lives toward a better path. Offering Salah also improves our relation with Koran and our creator here you can find step to step guidance on offering prayer for kids with audio

Teaching kids quran easy way.

Teaching kids quran easy way.

When teaching kids Quran. keep these important tips in your mind.

Listen to Koran recitation from experience readers even if you do not understand it, the first goal is to feel the theme of the Holy Scriptures, see how they recite, feel the original text and its essence.

Learn holy Quran from a professional teacher to know the science of reading the holy Quran. Which is known as Tajweed because if you want to read it correctly with its true Arabic manner than Tajweed rules are the key component.

Now when you have done it go to the meaning part to explore more about that what is really the word of God, find an Alim, Islamic scholar to help you with it because the context of the holy book can only be understood with the reference of Sahi hadith. Due to many miss conceptions and miss leading going on by disbelievers by picking one verse from one part of surah and one from other or leaving the main theme or in which circumstances that surah or aya was reviled, to our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, so a true Alim or Mufti could guide you through this.

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Challenge what you read don’t be afraid, when teaching kids quran.

The holy Quran is the only true scripture that actually invites us as learners to do just that, as long as we earnestly and diligently are trying to find answers to our questions and while following this process you will re-discover your true image within yourself. Prove your children with facts when teaching kids Quran and about Islam.

Many westerns who became Muslims through this spiritual and rewarding journey of exploring the Holy Scriptures they describe their journey in their own special way. An American Professor of Jeffrey Lang, a mathematician and a former fierce atheist, who tried to challenge the Quraan couldn’t help himself but surrender to it. He explains in his book “Struggling to Surrender” about it is such words: “You cannot simply read the Quran, not if you take it seriously. You either have surrendered to it already or you fight it”. An interesting fact that he mentioned that surrender to it or you fight it so when you learn the holy Koran try to surrender to it rather than fighting to it. Furthermore he says “For it became clear that the Author knew me better than I knew myself” these words were from a person who was challenging it as a fierce atheist and now have surrendered to it and at last and important line he mentioned.

. The Quran was always way ahead of my thinking; it was erasing barriers I had built years ago and was addressing my queries”.

So it explains you, it embrace you with the true faith to your true destiny in Koran “4:82” it openly invites to find a mistake in it and a long period or more than 1400 years have passed no one has find on. See and explore that is holy Quran really, the word of GOD. If you want to learn it and know more about it, register and read for your own self with live teachers i would like to say that we should try to improve the family ties with Quran to imbed it in to our mind and live the true way the way of Allah (the one an only). Please remember to share kids quran site or page to make our program totally free. call us today 001 2017938268.

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