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Learn Quran teachings outlined in the blessed Book of Allah, with courses suitable for all ages and levels of understanding at your door step. kids Quran institute  is an online teaching school committed to preservation and promotion of the teachings best owed by Allah (All mighty) upon our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).We operate as a non-profit entirely independent international organisation with very low prices offering fully interactive online courses. Whether you are based in the US, Canada or Europe, or any where in the world it is now possible to provide your children the knowledge that is needed to become a practiced Muslim. To get the benefit from our expertise all you need is, a computer connected to the Internet and a microphone to start on with these simple and integrated lessons. The classes are one on one and are fully virtual. To make these online classes easy and fun, we use top quality software like Mikogo and Skype. Mikogo is used for live screen sharing between student and tutor and Skype for kids to communicate with live Tajweed Teachers to have a crystal clear voice and follow the instructions from their instructor. Quran for kids also offers comprehensive lessons with top professors, who will guarantee thet student recites correctly while following the main Tajweed rules from basic till the end. Quran learning is only complete when you gain its teaching in proper manner. Having the knowledge of the right articulation points from where the children should read Quran and pronounce the Arabic alphabets, the key goal is to have a good recitation. At our institute we make sure our students have complete understanding of both the Arabic content of koran with translation and the proper way to recite and do the pronunciation. Tajweed teaches you to pronounce every single letter correctly, something that can only be done properly with the help of a qualified teacher. Teachers help you correct during online Quran reading and reciting it. So why wait ? Register for free lesson, to continue and explore the miracle of holy book.

Kids Quran Institute Courses, Noorani Qaida,

Kids Quran Institute for Learning arabic QaidaOur courses take students through all the stages necessary to understand and learn Quraan Tajweed with kids quran institute. Starting with the basic of Noorani qaida with Tajweed rules in which we enhance the capability of the student to recognize and pronounce Arabic letters correctly and memorize them for there further Quran reading and the most favorable of all holy koran memorization courses for children and elders who want to memorize it by heart. Each of our courses offer one-to-one sessions, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of the sacred texts and their meanings. What ever stage you are at, whether you are a complete beginner or you need help with your recitation, we can provide the support you need. The combination of different study levels and dedication of our tutors with their years of experience in learning, reading and reciting along with the in depth knowledge of translation, Tafseer and Hadith to make it more easier for children to learn koran. We also teach Translation of holy scriptures and about basic Islamic teachings. In which we let our student gain the knowledge about fundamental of Islam and Namaz in an proper manner for our student to achieve the success in this and the life after. Our dedicated tutors have the experience and knowledge, needed to connect with all age groups and levels, adapting each class to the students in it, to ensure they get the maximum benefit from every lesson wile learning from our kids Quran institute.

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learn live tajweed OnlineOur highly qualified tutoring staff specialize in offering lessons of the Holy Quran reading with Tajweed, Noorani Qaida lessons for kids (basic level) and memorization of Arabic scriptures with Tajweed, advance classes of translation and Tafseer to know more about Islam. Children find it easier to remember in a fun environment, which is our main goal through the online sessions. The correct way to guide is, from an early age and make learning Koran enjoyable with tutors. Most Elders approach our institute to review their knowledge and enhance there recitation skills. Basic lessons of Arabic  Noorani Qaida will help the students to recite the Holy Qur’an, to learn and read as it was revealed to and read by the Prophet Mohammad  (peace be upon him). Through the dedication of our tutors, they have helped hundreds of students read Arabic scriptures, because of the personal attention and one on one session for each students we will help you to master the pronunciation, the accent and the timing, as governed by the science of recitation, when reciting from the Qur’an. Furthermore, lessons in Tafseer will aid the understanding and uncovering of the Will of Allah, to clarify that which is not understood, to reconcile seeming contradictions in the sacred texts and to find greater meaning and reasoning while learning Quran online.

kids quran institute mission statement:

We are an ethnic group of Muslim with one and only goal to spread the knowledge of Islam, It is our hope that the teachings “kids Quran” passes on to our students will broaden their knowledge and develop their recital skills, so that they can become good interpreters of the Holy Qur’an. We are committed to provide the highest standard of teaching for each of our student, using the technologies and resources at our disposal and the breadth of experience in our tutoring team all we need is your prayers and please do share and hit like because one share or like could make the differences of being this program totally free.

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