Articulation Point of Teeth

Articulation point of Teeth Tajweed rules

Today the discussion is about Articulation point of Teeth. Tajweed rules dictate the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters while reading the Holy Quran. These rules involve the precise application of Tajweed that should be considered while reciting. Tajweed gives a manner of articulation to the Koran. We are bound to abide by these principles so that during our recitation, the meaning of the Holy verses does not change.

Arabic letters are unique and each one has its own characteristics. There are specific articulation points that are linked to every single letter of the alphabet. Articulation point refers to the particular place that is utilized in order to produce the sound of that letter. This is how we achieve a diversity of sounds for all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet.


There are a total of 17 Articulation point of Teeth. They are located at five areas of the body; nose, lips, tongue, throat and empty mouth/throat. Each point is used to correctly pronounce one of the original 28 letters or any of the Madd letters.

Here we are going to discuss the relationship between the tongue and teeth. There are 10 articulation points in this region for a total of 18 letters. In the area of the tongue, the teeth are also used for pronunciation. For this purpose, we need to define the various names of the teeth.

The image below shows a labeled figure of the teeth along with their names.

Articulation point of Teeth

Articulation Point of  Teeth

Articulation Point of


As you can see, there are eight types of teeth and they occur in sets of four. One pair (two teeth) exists in the top upper row and one in the lower row of teeth. Central teeth consist of the two incisors in the front.

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