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Now you and your kids can memorize the Holy Koran with ease and accuracy. offers the best quran teaching program. This is the best place for your children to learn about tajweed and the methods of recitation. With the help of experienced Qaaris and Hafiz-ul-Quran, your kids will become fluent in Arabic reading. These well versed teachers have the skills and competence to carry out the best quran teaching program in a professional manner. They have quite the knowledge of English, Urdu and Arabic languages. It is with utmost care and attentiveness that our tutors impart religious information to the students over one to one online classes.

These classes are more than sufficient for the educational progress and personal development of the child. Although every student is connected to an individual teacher, the virtual classroom is more than helpful in creating a sound learning environment. The student is given complete attention and in this way, he or she also develops self-learning habits. Tutors are hired to guide our young ones toward the right path. They teach all the necessary concepts and then emphasize on individual practice by the students on their own. However, while learning to read Quran, it is best to have someone who can listen to you and point out the errors. Being Muslims, we need to be immaculate in our recitation. That is why an online tutor can prove fruitful for you.

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Best Quran teaching programe

Best Quran teaching programe

Not only will the tutor recite for you and show you how it is done but he or she will also hear and evaluate your progress. In a few class sessions, you will be an expert at Quran reading. We put our entire effort in satisfying the students’ thirst for Islamic knowledge. This motivation keeps us at the number one rank among dozens of other online Koran academies.

The details of our best Quran teaching program include the following courses:

  • Basic Arabic reading.
  • Recitation of the Qur’aan with Tajweed.
  • Koran translation.
  • Hifz Quran.
  • Teachings of Islam.

All of the above courses are offered in detail. We have formed a unique online school that can teach all the relevant guidelines for tajweed. Foundation courses are recommended for those who need to start from scratch. These include the basic Arabic reading and teachings of Islam courses. At, no task is impossible to achieve and that is why we guarantee signs of positive results within only a few online sessions.

If you have a computer, headset and a good speed internet connection in your home, then why wait? Register onto our website and take a free trial lesson. Once you have a good assessment of our skills and overall performance, you may start the course of your choice from one of the best Quran teaching program. Please Share or Like and help us spread the word of Islam and make this program totally free.

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