Teaching Quran To Children

Teaching Quran to children is one of our prime responsibilities as Muslims. For the religious upbringing of our little kids, we need to provide them with the quality education that they deserve. Quranforkids.org is the place where your children can learn the Koran with understanding and interest. We run a well established online academy that offers tajweed and Qur’an memorization classes for kids of all ages. Our courses are specially developed to cover the different concepts of Arabic reading and tajweed. We have also included a free trial session for your satisfaction. Through this short trial, you can judge our techniques of teaching and guidance.

Online classes are positively influential. This is undoubtedly the best way of teaching Quran to children. It encompasses a completely sound environment for learning. Students become capable of learning themselves once they have been guided by a professional Qaari. Through one to one online classes, the teacher and student connect and learn together. Each student has a personal tutor that gives his or her entire time for the benefit of that student. Females can opt for female tutors that are also available at any time during a 24-hour working day.

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Teaching Quran to children Made easy

Teaching Quran to children Made easy

Since we are an online academy that is known for its global performance, you need not worry about class timings or convenience. Choose any suitable timing for your classes. We will appoint a tutor for you who will appear online at the chosen time. Through Skype, GoTo Meeting or any similar communicating software, you and your teacher can be connected for the duration of the class.

What better way for teaching Quran to children than by monitoring them as they learn from home? In lieu of visiting far off schools on a regular basis, you can give your children the gift of Quran learning from your own home. All that will be required includes a PC or laptop, headset and internet connection. Everything else will be taken care of by our systematic teaching staff.

At a minimal fee, we are offering comprehensive tajweed courses. These are constantly updated and revised in order to keep up with modern day study material. We focus on core reading concepts to ensure a satisfactory result. We also work effectively to develop the qualities of discipline and confidence in our students. At Quranforkids, you can rely on our excellent teaching techniques. These productive methods are prominent from the enrollment of international students at our academy.

Join now and take advantage from the best Quran tutor in your area. Remember to share the page of teaching Quran to children to help us spread the word of Islam for free.

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