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Today we are going to Learn Articulation point tip of the tongue Tajweed rule . Just like the side of the tongue, the tip is also used for the pronunciation of several Arabic letters.  We have previously established that it is the tongue area which involves the highest number of articulation points. There are ten such emission points that are utilized for the pronunciation of eighteen letters. The letters associated with the side of the tongue have been discussed. Now we will move forward to those letters that are pronounced using the tip of the tongue.

Articulation Point Tip of the Tongue Part 1


The letter  noonis articulated a little forward from the point of emission of laam. noon is pronounced using the tip of the tongue and the gum area of the top pair of incisors. This letter can be pronounced both clearly and unclear. However, the rules of articulation are separate for each case. Here we shall elaborate only the rules for when Noon is pronounced clearly. The articulation point is applied only in either or both of the following scenarios:

Articulation Point Tip of the Tongue

Articulation Point Tip of the Tongue

  • When Noon has a vowel on it and is pronounced clearly
  • When Noon has a sukoon on it and is followed by any of these letters: hamza khaa ayeean ghayeean haa

Mistakes in the pronunciation of Noon are seldom. However, the only common error that usually occurs is when the letter is pronounced using both the tip and top of the tongue.


To correctly pronounce the letter  raa the tip of the tongue as well as the top of the tip must strike the gums of the top pair of incisors. While sounding out this letter, the tongue should not trill. You should be able to feel your tongue strike the gums.

The English letter “r” can be pronounced easily with the tongue hitting any part of the mouth. Therefore, those who are native to English might have a hard time pronouncing raa.

Incorrect pronunciation of raa could occur in three case.

  • If you do not strike the tip of the tongue with the top of the tip to the gums
  • If the soft tissue behind the gums is used as a striking place
  • If there is repeated trilling of the tongue

To prevent trilling, scholars advise that you should leave a little space at the tip of the tongue for the sound to run out. Incorrect pronunciation occurs when the tip is up against the gum in a tight manner.


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The next topic that will be discussed involves further details on letters pronounced with the tip of the tongue.

Articulation Point Tip of the Tongue Part 2

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