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If you take out some time to surf the web, you will find a dozen institutes offering Islamic study courses. However, you must be looking for the best online quran teaching center in your area. Fortunately, you have landed at the right place. We excel in teaching the Holy Qur’an to children and adults alike. Here is a comprehensive introduction of the courses and curriculum offered at

Initial Arabic Reading (Basic Noorani Qaida).

This foundation course is a requirement for beginners and those new to Islam. It consists of a few chapters that cover Arabic alphabets, sounds, grammatical rules and basic sentence structure. It is an ideal choice for little kids. After successful completion, your child will be able to read and write Arabic words with ease.

Advanced Tajweed and Recitation Rules.

Once you have gained enough knowledge on reading simple Arabic, it is time for step two. In this case, we move onto the fundamental concepts of Tajweed. For the appropriate recitation of Qur’an, tajweed is essential and inevitable. It is the science of reading the Glorious Book. There are specific rules that come with excellent recitation and all of those are covered in this course. Our online quran teaching center places special emphasis on the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That is why we want our children to learn Quraan in the way taught by the Prophet (PBUH) himself. For this, we must study tajweed in-depth and understand the rules of elongation, pause, silent letters, emission points and more.

online quran teaching center

Online Quran Teaching Center.

Online Quran teaching center Koran Translation Course .

Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters have an ambition to study the meaning of the Holy Koran. We have kept this in mind and included a unique translation curriculum. In this we cover the word to word transliteration of the Holy text. Alongside the translation, we go through an entire summary of the background belonging to each verse. The actual meaning of the context and its indications are clearly described for the comprehension of the student. After going through this extensive course, you will emerge with a bright and positive view of Islam. It will guide you toward the right path and help you in making better choices throughout your life. Of course, you can also explain the Qur’aan to your loved ones as well.

Hifz Qur’an (Memorizing the complete Book).

A large population of Muslims is keen on memorizing the Quran. Most of them are unable to do it on their own and therefore enroll themselves in madrassahs or mosques. No doubt, a mosque is a beautiful place to be at comfort with one’s thoughts and studies. However, instead of joining a madrassah or masjid, you could become a Hafiz while studying at home. The best part is that you won’t need to take time off from school or other activities. That is the privilege of being a member at We teach students how to memorize the entire Quraan with simplicity and reverence. All the techniques and tips needed for memorizing are discussed in this course. Please do remember to give a like or share the post of online Quran teaching center. It will help us making the program totally free. 1 like or share matters. Remember us in your prayers.

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