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why do people search for best Quran academy? its a important question. There are many reasons but the main is Muslim families find it difficult to take out some time for their kids and teach them the virtues and values of Islam and about tajweed course. This has led to children going further away from their deen. If you are facing a similar situation, you have reached the perfect place to counter this problem at our online Quran academy . Now you can help your children learn how to read Quran with our specially designed tajweed course. Your kids will be understanding the ways of Islam to become a proper Muslim through our quran academy.

Ever since the birth of Islam, Muslims have been reciting the Holy Koran in the manner advised by none other than our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). During that time, there was one common Arabic dialect spoken among the Arabs and of course it was the same with non-Arabs who then learnt the language. However, with the passage of time, Islam spread throughout the continents and Muslims of all cultures, backgrounds and ethnicity came forward with firm faith in Allah the Exalted. Due to the people belonging to separate accents, the pure Arabic began to alter and mixed varieties were introduced. This led to the need of Tajweed rules. It is because of these rules that we are able to follow the Sunnah today and carry on the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. to cover come there fears we introduced tajweed course.

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Quranforkids.org combines the exquisite potential of qualified teachers and their revolutionary teaching methods to result in a brilliant student who recognizes all the essentials in Koran recitation and Arabic reading tajweed course. Our prime concern is to develop such skills in the student so that they remain intact and at any time after the course, when that particular student opens the Book of Allah, he or she may always remember the perfect way to recite such divine words.

The benefit of our quran academy is that we use latest updated technology to impart authentic information and knowledge to our dear students. They will become familiar with a portion of Islamic history and tradition while going through with their tajweed course.

We teach basic Noorani Qaida (Letters and sounds), simple Qur’aan reading, Tajweed rules and recitation of Koran with tajweed. These are just a few of the comprehensive courses offered at our online muslim quran academy.

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