Tajweed Quran

Here we have gathered color coded Tajweed Quran for you to learn and read Quran for free all surah like Surah muzamil, surah yaseen, with top reciters to practice with. In the previous page I posted a free Noorani qaida for you to learn the basics of holy scriptures. If you want to follow the principles to read qur’an please go to our Islamic blog section under Tajweed and practice the rules in detail so you can follow them when reading. if you want o listen to top word reciters you can go here. We also provide online koran classes for kids and elders to learn how to pronounce the basics and also the memorization classes for free trial you can register here. Dear brother and sisters please do remember to like and share this page because it would help us make our online teaching program totally free. Do remember us in your prayers, May Allah help us all.

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