Hifz Quran through online tutors

The rapidly evolving technology of today has led us to an era where there are a bundle of helpful programs for educational or recreational purposes awaiting our sincere decision to learn and benefit from them. You will be glad to know that one of such influential and resultant programs is available for you at Quranforkids.org. At this trend-setting online institute, we offer a variety of Islamic courses for you and your family. Our motive is simple and straightforward, complete customer satisfaction. We bring you a combination of uniquely devised courses that focus on key learning techniques for the purpose of teaching Quran recitation, translation and hifz quran through online tutors (memorization courses). Not only do we offer basic level teaching but we also promote advanced courses for reading Qur’an according to tajweed, thoroughly studying the transliteration of the verses and a comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of Islam. Through our modern facilities and teaching methods you will become acquainted with the Holy Quran in an entirely new and positive manner. Our prime concern is for our customers and students which is why we tend to cater to all your necessities by providing individual one to one classes, selective tutors who are experienced in the field as well as female teachers for female students.

register to do Quran MemorizationIf you have ever thought about putting an entire book to memory word for word, it must have seemed to you as an impossible feat. Most people would just throw away the mere thought and move on but for some it is otherwise. In the case of truly devoted Muslims who have strong faith, the word of Allah Almighty is the final ordinance and testimonial to their belief in Him. It is with this sincere trust in the Creator that Muslims all over the world spend a portion of their lives acquainting themselves with the Holy Quran and willingly make an effort to memorizing the complete Book. Yes, a Book containing one hundred and fourteen chapters, six thousand six hundred and sixty six verses all put to memory within a short span of time. Indeed, it is a magnificent achievement and one can only imagine the incredible reward associated with this accomplishment.

“On the Day of Judgment, the man who has memorized the Quran will come to where the koran will say, ‘O Lord! Adorn him.’ Therefore, he will be adorned with the crown of Honor. Then the koran will say, ‘O Lord! Increase hint (in adornment).’ Therefore, he will be clothed with the dress of Dignity. Again, the koran will say, ‘O Lord! Be pleased with him Therefore, Allah will he pleased with him and it will be said to him, ‘Read (the Quraan) and occupy higher degrees} Each (Qur’anic ) verse, moreover will add a reward for him. “[4] Why Wait Register Below For 1 Week Free Quran Lessons Now

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