Learn Namaz Second Rakat 4th Step

Say allah hu akber and stand to Qayam position in second rakat


qyaam for the second rakat

In the second Rakat you don’t have to read the sana you have to start with Al faatihah

Read again Surah Al faatihah in second rakat

and focus on the meaning of it as well

Listen Al-Fatiha

learn the suran Al fatha Surah Falak

next step is reading Surah falak its is must to read the next surah to the previous surah you have read for eg in previous rakat you read surah Al Faatihah so next surah that you will read will be surah falak in namaz but if learner he can read same suras in both raket but for a short wile if you want to learn quran and namaz you can register for online lesson here

Listen Surah Al Falak

Surah Al falak
when you have completed reading Al Fath and Sura Falak Now again do the raku bowing down with your hands on your keens and say Allah-hu-akber listen to audio below


Then read 3 times Subhan-rabbiyal-Azeem in the AR- Raku
you can also listen to it below


Ar, Raku

Next next step of Namaz is Qooma

moving to the standing position saying verses one

important Note: , When you are muqtadi (standing behind imam) you jsut have have to say Rabana lakal hamd after the imam has read the verses and if reading your own then you have to read the booth you can also listen to it in audio

learning Qooma of Namaz

reading namaz Qooma First sajda

say the takbeer go to sajda listen takbeer here


in sajda you have to read subhan-rabi-yal-ala listen the following verses


sajda namaz , prayers Moving to Jalsa

say takbeer and move to sitting position


jalsa position in namaz Second sajda of prayers

say Allah hu akber again and go to sajda


and read

subhan rabi ya allah

second sajda of namaz
now when you have done your sajda in the second rakat of namaz then in the second rakat you do not have to rise to stand in third rakat but return to the sitting position (as sitting between the tow sajda)


Qaida awal in namaz

Reading Tashahhud in Namaz

while you are in the sitting position you have to read the following suras which is also known as Tashahhud and when you are reading Tashahhud place left hand to the left thigh and the right hand on the right thigh, you can listen it here

listen tashahhud

tashahhad inprayers
How to rise the finger in namaz

Rising the finger while you reach this point in tasheed your three fingers would be locked up wile the thumb is in your middle finger and the index finger is pointed when the kalma shada is recited the finger rises up like this image below shada of salat
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