Have You Done The Preparation of Ramadan

Happy Ramadan mubaricHave we don the Preparation of Ramadan? Its a question that we all should ask our self. But before starting to talk about this topic I would like to discuss the importance of the month of blessing and forgiveness the month of Ramadan in the eyes of our Prophet Mohammad sawws and Allah all mighty

For all who are mature enough to do fasting should get ready for the beautiful and blessed month of Ramadan as it is not far away and having a appropriate understanding of this month to make it ideal for us and wash away our sins as much as we could spiritually and physically.

we should remember that this is the month of blessing and our goal should be to achieve great level of heights rather than just passing on this month with out any achievement and just thinking of as a month or dieting or not eating or drinking one time.

Some of the useful tips that i would like to mention are:

(1) Sincere Repentance:

Repentance from the deepest part of our heart and begging for forgiveness of our sins is the first step required and this routine should be followed through out all the year and when the Ramadan month comes we should worship Allah (All Mighty) as our holy Prophet sawws did and repent from the sins between you and your Lord. Starting to forgive those who tried to heart you or give you trouble or some how did the things that made difficulties in you life and not just that we should apologize for our mistakes as same mistakes as well to our Muslim brothers and sisters its the first and the most importance step because The Prophet ﷺ said that: “Whoever suffers an injury and forgives, God will raise his status to a higher degree and remove one of his sins” (Al-Tirmidhi) so forgiving and asking for forgiveness is the first step in the Ramadan

2nd. step Duaa

They say that one thing that can protect you or remove your sins or give relief in your heard time and it is the only thing that can change the fate, wile not other action of ours even can we should not only do Duaa for our self our parents but for all the Muslim Ummah and make it our habit : Allah (SWT) says 02:186 : “When My devotees inquire of you about Me , I am near, and answer the call of every supplicant when he calls.”

3. Doing the important things which are must for us as Muslim and promising our self to obey all the rules of Islam:

4. Gaining the important knowledge about the rules of fasting and to make most out of Ramadan.

5. Distributing food to needy people and do as much as we could to in the month or Ramadan doing special dastarkhown for poor.

7. Evaluating your zakat and distributing to needy people and not just zakat who have ability thy should do sadka and fitrana as well and distributing it in the month of Ramadan will gain then more good deeds because in Ramadan the deeds are dabble.

8. Reading Drood shreef as much as possible because it nor just removes the sins but increase your good deeds and 10 level up to .

9. The month of Shabaan is also know as the preparing month of Ramadan in this month the fasting is highly encouraged:

10. Finishing Quran or reciting the whole Quran in the holy month or memorizing the Quran as well is very beneficial and its benefits could not be explained in 2 lines i visited a online Quran teaching site its a great site for kids and elders to learn about Islam and Qur’an:

want to see some beautiful picture from the history of Ramadan you can visited here and please leave comments and share your views

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