Learn the namaz Raku, Qooma, Jalsa and Sajda step 3

when you have completed the second step of Namaz Sana, Al Fath and Sura Now bow down with hands reaching the keens saying Allah-hu-akber


Then read the Subhan-rabbiyal-Azeem 3 times in the AR- Raku
you can also listen to it here


Ar, Raku

Next next step of Namaz is Qooma

moving to the standing position saying verses one

important Note: , When you are muqtadi (standing behind imam) you jsut have have to say Rabana lakal hamd after the imam has read the verses and if reading your own then you have to read the booth you can also listen to it in audio

learning Qooma of Namaz

reading namaz Qooma First sajda

wile saying the takbeer go to the sajda listen takbeer here


in sajda your nose and four head should touch the floor and then in sajda you have to read following verses

 subhan rabi ya allah

sajda namaz , prayers Moving to Jalsa

say takbeer and move to sitting position which is known as jalsa


jalsa position in namaz Second sajda of prayers

say Allah hu akber again and go to sajda


and read

subhan rabi ya allah

second sajda of namaz

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