Quran Teachers for Kids and Elders

Did you ever thought is your kids Quran teacher really qualified? or from whom you are learning. Does he really knows what he is teaching? and are you really learning something than just reading it. for it is must that you find a qualify instructor who can guide you through all the steps in such a manner that it makes it easy for your kids to adopt and learn.

What are the qualities of a great Quran teacher?

If we would put a list of qualities of a good professor  we can start with some and discuss them in a brief manner.

1st must have knowledge of the subject.

They say that you cannot teach Quran that you don’t know about, so their expertise in the subject that they are teaching in simple words, what’s there qualification? and the experience of teaching different age group is must. Secondly do they have command on their subject for e.g. If you want to do Quran memorization you would like a expert hafiz to teach not a Mufti, and you would like your kids to do basic Quraan reading, you would need an expert in teaching the kids the fundamental of Islam and the holy scriptures and his experience in teaching little kids not a PHD professor it all comes with the command of a tutor on their subject and which age group they are expert in.

2nd Is the patience.

It the most difficult and the tough job to do as a Quran teacher. Because of different level of kids and their different level of understanding, a good Qur’an scholar should have patience so they can pick up the kids level of understanding and plan accordingly. Quran teacher must set up goals and use different motivation methods to encourage the student.

3rd he should be confident.

The teacher should be confident. Have the abilities to judge their students and motivate them to be eager to learn koran. Not just read it, instead learn the holy Qur’an with translation and memorize it by heart let the kid know about its benefits. Encourage them to know the true meanings of life.

4th Good Quran teachers engage their students to look on the issues in various ways.

It’s a great teacher’s ability to use facts like this is the starting point and not the end and explaining them what they are reading is not just a book but it’s the way of guidance not only for the Muslims but for the whole mankind. Let our kids know that the things no one believed few years back, were told in the Qur’an 1400 years ago and now not only science believe that they are true but  miracles of koran and Allah almighty are spread all around them.

5th having a good relationship with the students and have respect for them.

A good tajweed quran teacher would know how to build relationships with their students and would be accessible, warm and caring. The Tutors with these qualities are able to built relationships with the kids and encourage them to be just more than a normal kid.

Quran for kids Tajweed Team Mission.

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