Quran Learning For Children Made Easy

At Quranforkids.org, the door to Islamic education is wide open with Quran learning for children made easy. We have students from major cities all over the world. The main purpose behind opening this virtual learning center is to provide children and adults both easy accesses to all aspects of Quran learning. This includes techniques of recitation, concepts of Tajweed and tips for memorization of the Holy Koran.

Although many people choose to learn from their family members or on their own and manage to grasp the skill of fluent Arabic reading, there are still a bundle of guidelines that are necessary to establish the kind of accuracy that is necessary while reciting the word of Allah.

How Quran learning for children was made easy the credit goes to the teaching staff at our institute who are capable of delivering online lectures to students individually. Each student is appointed a special tutor and given a fixed time according to his or her convenience at which the online class is conducted. In case of missed classes, extra sessions will be held until the entire course syllabus is covered.

Quran learning For Children easy with live teachers

Quran learning For Children easy with live teachers

How Quran learning for children made easy

Based on the student’s understanding and perceptive skills, we alter the contents of the course if the need arises due to level of difficulty. Our proficient teachers include well reputed scholars and qaaris who have a vast experience in online tutoring. They are trained to handle children of all ages. At Quranforkids.org, you are putting your kids in a place where we ensure Quran learning for children made easy.

The best part of it is that you can be your own child’s supervisor because he or she will be taking classes from home on a computer via communicating software. You can see how simple, convenient and accessible this online Quran learning for children program really is.

“Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of it: those are the ones who Allah has guided, and those are the ones endowed with understanding.” [Surah Zumar; Verse No. 18]

You are required to ensure that you have the following items before you register at our institute:

  • A computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Headset (headphones with microphone)
  • Broadband Internet connection

No additional items are needed and all the relevant course material will be provided by our expert teachers. We guarantee that your child will emerge as precocious and brilliant reciters of the Holy Koran once you have enrolled him or her to our online Qur’an academy.

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