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Madda letters Tajweed rule lengthened letters

There are three Madda letters Alif Maddaalif-madda Wow Madda wow-Madda and Ya Maddaya-madda these three letters have their articulation point according to Tajweed rule from the empty part (space) in the throat and mouth. The empty spaces of the Mouth and the throat are known as Aljaouf al-jawf.

Now the important Question when they are known as Madda letters?

1. Alif Madda, alif-maddawhenever Alif comes after fat-hah and has no vowel it is known as Alif Madda alif-madda here is 1 example of Alif Madda.

2. Wow Madda, wow-Maddawhenever Wow comes after Dammah and is sakin or has sakoon on top it is known as Wow Madda wow-Madda here is 1 example of wow Madda.

3. Ya Maddaya-maddawhenever Ya comes after Kasra and is sakin or has sakoon on top it is known as Ya Madda ya-madda here is 1 example of ya Madda.

How do we read Madda letters? We prolong The Madda letters acourding to two Alif, seconds if Madda letters are not followed by a sukoon sakoon or hamzah hamza2. Inshallah in next lessons I will explain you how to prolong when there is a sukoon sakoonor hamza after the Madda letters.

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Online quran teaching with tajweed Madda letters

Online quran teaching with tajweed Madda letters

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What are the Common mistakes we make when reading Madda letters?

Most of the times the reciters let the sound of all or some of these letters come up from empty spaces of throat into the Nasal cavity. The nose most of the time it happens when they read in Wow Madda wow-Madda, Second common mistake is not prolonging them and reading them similar as reading the Harakats lesson. The least common mistake is when pronouncing Madda letters from specific place of the throat. If you want to judge that if there is mistake present you need to say the Madda letter and if you feel that there is a pull in your throat while saying then it is incorrect. These letters must be pronounced with the use of only the vibration of vocal cords and an the accompanying opening of your mouth for the Alif Madda alif-madda, and circling of the lips for the Wow Madda wow-Madda, and lowering of the jaw when reading Ya Madda ya-maddaletters. If you want to practice these lessons with the qualified tutor you can always register for Quran classes Read further about the Tajweed rule about articulation points of Throat.

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