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The Holy Quran is known to mankind as the greatest sacred scripture of Islam that has been preserved in its natural and primitive form ever since the time of the very first revelation. Regardless of the fact that the Divine Book was unearthed at a time nearly 1400 years ago, this immaculate gift from Allah Almighty is written in a language so ethereal and complex yet so easy to perceive and comprehend. Its simple and straightforward commands are completely rational and easy enough for people of all ages to grasp the root concepts discussed within. No doubt, there is a solution in the Koran to every problem that a man can ever face and once equipped with the knowledge of the Qur’an he can guide his way on to the right path, learning to deal with all the challenges that life has in store for him.

Of course it is evident that since the Magnificent Quraan is under the protection and maintenance of Allah Almighty Himself, there have been no changes made to the Book even after a lapse of many centuries. Allah has mentioned in Surah Al-Hijr, verse number 9,

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.”

Online Tajweed Holy Quran lesson.

Online Holy Quran tajweed lessonYou might admit to be wondering that how the verses of the Holy Koran are so easy to understand if this Noble Book is truly the word of Allah. A miracle in itself, the Quraan was sent down for all of mankind, not only a particular group or sect. Anyone and everyone is meant to benefit by pondering upon the revealed verses and the meanings reflected by them.

“… no single thing have We neglected in Our decree. And once again: Unto their Sustainer shall they [all] be gathered.” [Suran An’am; Verse No.38]

A solid statement that indicates the ease of the Qur’an’s interpretations is the fact that we at are here to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in the thorough study of Allah’s commands and manifestations. So many people from all over the world have benefited through our online holy quran reading program. It has brought together a mass of Muslims who are taking keen interest in the perception of Islam and the teachings of the Holy Koran.

The distinctive feature of our program is that it offers individual attention to students who then easily pick up anything whether it is a minor or complex interpretation. Through the use of productive online communicating software and advanced teaching methods, we are bound to give you the sort of satisfaction you are looking for when it comes to online institutes. As religion is a crucial and integral part of our lives, we aim to provide quality education that stays engraved within our students as they make a habit of regularly studying online holy quran.

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