Why Should We Learn Tajweed Arabic For Quran

Growing up as inherited Muslims is surely a lot easier than having to convert from one religion to Islam on the basis of newly found guidance. Unfortunately, most Muslims who are brought up in traditional Islamic societies are taught only what their elders consider necessary or what they themselves have only learnt and the cycle goes on. It is here when we realize that sometimes you have to take up the task of searching for clues and finding the answer to a problem that has long plagued you. Let’s just consider the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

Quran tajweed arabic free trial registerationWith some degree of certainty, most of us can admit that we were not taught how to read Arabic appropriately with tajweed; especially when it comes to Quran recitation. Our parents or teachers took a path similar to the one taken by their parents in the struggle to provide us with better education and Islamic knowledge. Of course it is not a crime when one does not know but once you have realized the truth it is never too late to learn and learn with accuracy and perfection. Reciting the Quraan is not only necessary but an obligatory act for all Muslims and it is meant to be recited in the same way as done by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). That means it should be recited according to the rules and regulations of tajwid.

Tajwid implies to the beautiful way of reciting the Holy Quran. It is an embellishment that is necessary to create the proper flow and rhythm with which the verses are to be recited. During the time of Muhammad (PBUH) there was no need for the study of tajweed as all Arabs spoke to each other in a dialect that was pure and original. With time came the need to establish tajweed rules so that the koran would remain intact and the coming generations would not produce any faults while reciting.

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